What Is QR Code

What Is QR Code – and How Do You Use QR Codes?

If you haven’t been in a cave lately, you probably already seen an image like this on a product, flyer, poster or many other places. But if not, check out the video below from a local CBS News morning show.

So what is QR Code? Simply, QR stands for Quick Response, and it’s been in use in Japan for over a decade. However, now they are widely available for everyday personal or business use.

QR Codes differ from regular bar codes in that they are two-dimensional codes. Because they are two-dimensional, they can carry thousands of bits of information more than the traditional bar codes that consumers are accustomed to.

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What is the Big Deal about a QR Code?

The popularity of QR codes is growing as fast as the growth of smart devices, such as smartphones (like the iPhone or other popular Android-based smartphones) and tablets (like iPad). There are hundreds of millions of smartphones being sold, and billions of Internet searches are being performed each month, primarily on smart devices.

What is QR code compared to the old-fashioned Bar code?

While a QR code is similar to the UPC bar codes that are used throughout the retail community, they differ in the amount of data that can be stored in the bar code. The traditional bar code is one-dimensional or linear. It generally hods about 20 bits or numeric digits.

Because the new QR codes are two dimensional, they can hold thousands of characters of data, and hence, they can be used to store a great deal more of information than the standard bar code.

How Is A QR Used?

Unlike the product UPC bar code that is scanned by the retail employee, the QR codes are scanned by the consumer! They are scanned by smart devices, smartphones – like iPhone, Android and other products that have a built-in camera. If the device has a camera, then the consumer may download a scanning application or software that can scan and read the QR codes.

Once the QR code is scanned, the user then will have access to the data that was encoded into the QR code, whether that be Contact information, Map Locations, or a Website URL and more! The code information contains information that can activate phone features, such as email, IM and SMS (text message).

Most importantly, the information could be a website address or URL that directs the consumer to a coupon or special offer to use at your business!

Why not try the QR Code right now on your smartphone? What Is QR Code? Sample QR Code Image

Go to your Scan app (short for application) or other bar code reader on your smart phone, then hold the phone near the image and wait while your smart phone tries to focus on the QR code. When successful, it will either beep, vibrate or give you some indication that the scan was successful.

What is QR Code Benefits for business

There is a tremendous benefit to business owners for using QR codes:

  • QR codes can direct consumers to product or service details
  • QR codes can direct clients to your contact information
  • QR codes can direct people to a particular GEO location (Google map)

Imagine if all of your contact information was on a QR code on the back of your business card. Many people lose business cards, but with a QR code, they can scan your business card’s code and immediately have all your contact information in their smartphone!

There is almost no limit to where QR codes can appear, such as in postcard mailers, flyers, on posters, even newspaper or yellow page advertising. I have even seen QR codes on buildings and the back of trucks and automobiles.

Here are some things to remember about QR codes:

  • What is QR code?  – It stands for Quick Response, and like a standard bar code, it can hold all sorts of information. It’s been used for over a decade in Japan.
  • What is QR code application?  – It is an app for short, that will use your smart-device camera to scan the QR code.
  • What is QR code vs. UPC bar code?  – It’s a two-dimensional code; it holds thousands of bits of information more than the standard bar code.
  • What is QR code image -  It’s an actual photo/graphic image that can be added to almost limitless locations, even trucks, cars and buildings!
  • What is QR code websites – A website where you can generate a QR code,
  • What is QR code reader – A scan app or reading app that reads and interprets the QR code

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