Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development is designing websites that are enhanced for easy browsing by all the new smartphone and other smart devices. Having a website that is mobile friendly will give the business owner a new set of marketing tools not previously available.

Mobile Internet is Taking Over – Now Is The Time for Mobile Website Development

Mobile Internet Growth - Get Mobile Website development nowAccording to a recent article, Mobile devices, like smartphones and smart tablets, will overtake PC based desktops by 2014.  (See the full article here:

Over one-half of searches made are now being made on mobile devices.  And over 80% of mobile users are using their device while watching TV.

If you are not tapped into the mobile website development movement, then you are going to be left behind.

How many QR promos are you running?  How many SMS campaigns did you have yesterday, last week, last month?



Does your website look like this – or like this – on an iPhone???

before and after pictures for mobile website development

Understanding the power of mobile website marketing is the key for business survival.  Hundreds of millions of smart devices are being sold every year!

According to, fifty percent of the billions of searches made each month are made from a smartphone, tablets like iPad, or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Mobile device users want easy browsing and instant access.  When SEO Experts USA designs your mobile website, mobile users will be able to tap their phone and instantly call you!  You can have multiple promotions using QR (Quick Response) codes, each one with a specially designed landing page to target specific audiences. Imagine having an instant coupon pop up on a users phone when

Don’t Have A Website?

We can design a new website that has both, traditional website features for classic desktop or laptop computer users – AND mobile features able to satisfy the growing number of mobile device users!

Understanding Mobile Website Development

Understanding the power of the mobile experience will make a big difference in your profitability!
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Mobile Website Development is key to surviving in this economy!  Contact SEO Experts USA today and get started on your mobile website development now!  We can have your next coupon, promotion or marketing idea available with a QR code for iPhone or Android phone use FAST!

Experience the QR possibilities by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone:

QR code demonstration for mobile web development

Mobile Barcode Scanning is on the Rise

Now, imagine what you could do for your business if your next promotion could target audiences and provide them instant access to specific details of that promotion right from their phone!QR codes for mobile coupon marketing

In another recent report from Juniper Research, they suggest that the mobile coupon market will be worth $46 billion by 2015, a large jump from the $5.6 billion projected for the industry this year.


Start your mobile website development today and sign up for one of our Programs and begin enjoying all the features that mobile marketing has to offer, almost instantly! You cannot ignore hundreds of millions of iPhone and Android based smart devices.

SEO Experts USA has been designing websites since 2005.  Let our experience give you the enhanced tools that come with using our mobile website development and SEO programs.

Call SEO Experts USA today and start your mobile website development and SEO programs today.

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