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What is a QR Code? A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional code that contains thousands of bits more of information than the standard bar code that you are used to seeing on all products. For more detailed information, including a CBS video on QR codes, see our page on What Is QR Code

How do I Create QR Code?

This is the easy part! Use our Free QR code generator below

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Why Should I Create QR Code?

There are dozens of reasons why you should be using QR codes, for personal or business purposes. For example, many people would create QR code to put on flyers, business cards, products, emails, newsletters and more.

What Should I Create QR Code For?

Probably the most popular use of a QR code is to direct the user to a specific website page. On that page there can be a special offer, a discount coupon, a map, contact information or more. The results of the QR code URL are limitless. Whatever you can create on a website page, you can direct the user to that specific page when you create QR code for that page.

Here are some more uses for QR Codes:

  • Create QR code for Contact information in the VCARD format.
  • Create QR code for Contact information in the MECARD format.
  • Create QR code for email information
  • Create QR code for telephone information
  • Create QR code for SMS (text) message information
  • Create QR code for plain Text information
  • Create QR code for Website URL information
  • or create QR code for GEO (map) location (Google maps)

And. . . you can create QR code for all of these types of information for free with our Free QR Code Generator above!
Just use the drop-down menu to select the type of information you wish to code, and fill in all of the boxes that you want to use. You can even select custom colors, but be careful not to make the background too dark or some mobile devices will not be able to scan your newly created QR code.Create QR Code at SEO Experts

We hope you enjoy the use of our QR code generator, and please peruse our sight to see some of the many services that we offer to help your business be found on the internet. Thank you for visiting SEO Experts USA to Create QR Code for your business.

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